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Subject Author Year
Sally's Christmas at Air Castle Sally Rector Hain 1977
Saloons Mark Palmer 1982
Sanborn Insurance Maps Bobbie Jones McLane 1994
Sanitarium That would make Hot Springs famous- Dr. F. J. Scully 1960
Sawmill at Pearcy, AR - The Rowell/Wilson Sawmill Margie Weatherford Hill 2008
Sawyer, L. E. Congressman 1993
Schneck's Drug Store, Soda Jerks, and Sweats J. C. "Pancho" Rowe 2001
School History of HS Schools Traced from Beginning Hot Springs New Era - 1930 2000
School Hot Springs System Maurice Moore 1969
School System, Early Mary Jordan Mitchell 1962
School, Ramble Former Students & Teachers 1985
Schools: See Garland County Rural Schools 2007
Scully Cemetery and Basin Inez Cline 1966
Secret of the Hot Water, The (Poem) Jeanie Carter 2007
Secret Public Lives of Phillip Van Patten Brad Rockwell 2010
Seiz Sign Company: See Johnson Floral. 2007
Sellers Misses School Betty Cassell Willoughby 1966
Service 110 Years Christine Stranburg Steuart 1973
Sheriff's Census, 1829 Wendy Richter 1992
Shippey Dr. E. A. Inez E. Cline 1968
Silver Screen Cowboy Saturdays Don Duren 2009
Sims, Elizabeth Bowe: Musical Legend Extraordinaire Mamie Ruth Stranburg Abernathy 1999
Singing School (Floyd Hunter) Dwight Hunter 1972
Singing Schools of Gospel Music Melba Hunter Reed 1983
Slaughter, Tom, Con Man, Killer, etc. Jerry D. Gibbens 1993
Slave Schedules Hot Spring Co. 1850-1860 Bobbie Jones McLane 1991
Sleepy Water - Chewaukla Springs Bill Dever 1986
Smilin' Through With a Star Renee Lambert Lucy 2010
Smith Alfred E, A Slightly Off-color Hillbilly Bobbie Jones McLane 1984
Smith, Ralph Morgan: Pastor Emeritus Mamie Ruth Stranburg Abernathy 2000
Smitty's Barber Shop W. A. "Bill" Lerz 1996
Soldier's Thoughts to His Sweetheart Alfred Lee Brooks 2005
Southern Baptist Convention: The Annual Convention Met in Hot Springs: 1900, 1908, 1918 Mamie Ruth Stranburg Abernathy 2008
Spanish American War Veterans - Garland Co. Desmond Walls Allen 1989
Spencer "Papa Meathouse" Cableton Don Duren 2012
Spencer's Corner Robert D. Besom 1979
Spirit of the Times (1849 Letter) Russell P. Baker 1974
Sports, Early in Hot Springs Jim Hale 1977
Spring Grove Missionary Baptist Church Russell P. Baker 2008
St. Luke's Parish Registry: 1884-1907 Jane A. Wilkerson 2008
Stagecoach Robberies '74 Mary D. Hudgins 1971
Stearns Hardware a pioneer firm Mary D. Hudgins 1982
Stinsons Flew Their Way to Fame Mary D. Hudgins 1975
Stover John Henry Airport Manager 1931-1946 Lewis Stephens 1983
Stranburg, Miles, 110 Years of Service Christine Stranburg Stewart 1973
Street Railway 1874-1938 Jim Hale 1978
Strock Margaretta Maynard [artist] Kittie Thornton 1967
Stroller's Dope Hot Springs 1872 [news column] 1967
Sturms, Louise Mary Winthur: 1907-1994 Audrey Wenger McCully 1999
Sulphur Springs Hotel Inez Cline 1970
Sumper Family of Hot Springs Bobbie Jones McLane 2000
Sumpter Lodge 419, Masons Paul Prichard 1968

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