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Subject Author Year
Page, Jackson D. Linda McDowell 2008
Pappas Brothers Confectionary Audrey Wenger McCully 1987
Park Ave. Changing Scene Katherine B. Creason 1960
Parks, Dr. W. P., life sketch Maurice Moore 1967
Passmore-Lea Home Mary D. Hudgins 1980
Personalities Colorful Madalene Roy 1974
Pharmacies & Fables` Mary D. Hudgins 1970
Phillips Peach Orchard Ruth Duckett Chitwood 1997
Phillips, Marcus: In Memorium Editorial Staff 2008
Photographs of the 1909 State Fair in Hot Springs, Arkansas Clyde Covington 2011
Photos - Hot Springs Carlsbad of America 1893 1980
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part I Audrey Wenger McCully 1989
Clardy, Floyd Herbert, Gaston Arthur Klugh, Walter Gray Stell, Jack Sidney Stough, Dowling Bluford, Jr. Tribble, Albert Henry
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part II Audrey Wenger McCully 1990
Deaderick, William Heiskell Garratt, Charles Edward Reed, Lon Earl Smith, Oliver Abraham (O. A) Smith, William Kate (Willie K.)
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part III Audrey Wenger McCully 1991
Kendall, Ellis Albert, Sr. King, Ossian H. Wade, Henry King, Sr.
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part IV Audrey Wenger McCully 1992
Chesnutt, James Hollinsworth Collier, Torrence Jarrell, Foster Proctor, John Marvin
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part V Audrey Wenger McCully 1993
Diederich, Victor Peter Eve, John Edward Lee, Dee Cee Purdum, Ernest Alexander Weil, Samuel Donald
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part VI Audrey Wenger McCully 1994
Tarlton, Francis Samuel Voorhies, McKinley Wootton, William Turnor
Physicians of By-Gone Days, Part VII Audrey Wenger McCully 1995
Fletcher, George Beard Hill, Lacey Allen Hill, Thomas Benjamin Huff, Oliver Wendell
Pike Manufacturing Co. (Novaculite) John W. Dodson 1977
Pike, Albert Dr. Francis J. Scully 1962
Pioneer Days to Present Thomas W. Stone 1967
Pioneers of Hot Springs [Davis] Ernest Davis 1986
Poem Hot Springs Arkansas Sally Rector Hain 1964
Poke, Taking a Poke Mary D. Hudgins 1962
Poker, a 48-year Game W. A. "Bill" Lerz 1996
Poll Book, 1878, Hot Springs Wendy Richter 1990
Possum Kingdon Memories Robert L. Blocker 1972
Post Office History HS National Park Bill "Bunny" Dever 2009
Post Office in Hot Springs Paul E. Francis 1963
Post Office, Hot Springs First, Est. 1829 Bobbie Jones McLane 2001
Post Offices Early Garland Co. Bobbie Jones McLane 1964
Post Offices of Garland Co. Russell P. Baker 1988
Postcard Views of Hot Springs from the 1960s Clyde Covington 2009
Potash Sulphur Springs Inez E. Cline 1970
Potash Sulphur Springs History of Henry S. deLinde 2009
Potluck Bunch Caroline Seiz & Clay Farrar,Jr. 1995
Potteries Hot Springs Mary D. Hudgins 1976
Pottery Hot Springs Art Mary D. Hudgins 1978
Pottery, Ouachita Co. of Hot Springs David E. Gifford 1990
Powell-Tidmore-Hicks Families Mrs. Homer T. Hicks 1972
Press [Garland County] Fred W. Allsopp 1992
Pro Gridders Train in Hot Springs Don Duren 2005
Public Health Service [Free Bath House] Audrey Wenger McCully 1981
Quapaw Ave East Side of 700 Block Dorothy Thrash 1972
Quapaw Cave, Legend Re-examined Sharon Shugart 2004

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